Boys 2 Men

Boys 2 Men

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Our Motto…
Preparation Opens the Door of Opportunity

Our Mission…
Provide life-enriching experiences that encourages and empowers young boys to become successful men.

Our Goal…
We want to serve as support for parents and teachers, helping the young boys, (Cadets), to turn away from the negative issues they may face and encourage them as they make positive decisions. We want to build relationships of trust to give the Cadets another person they can turn to in times of personal confusion. We want to expose the Cadets to positive role models and career options, to influence their life choices. We want to help these young men to know what it truly means to be a successful and respected young man.

Our Story…
Our Boys 2 Men initiative in Evansville, IN is the local chapter of a “Not for Profit” 501(c) 3 program, chartered in Indianapolis, IN. Its founder, Dr. Lars Rascoe, III, saw a need to empower young inner-city boys to resist the temptations of a negative environment and surround them with positive strong role models. He created the Boys 2 Men Program to provide a place where these boys could fellowship with their peers who are striving to be successful in school and involved in the community.

In 2009, our Executive Sponsor, Rev. Larry Rascoe, Sr., pulled together a group of local men to meet with Dr. Rascoe, to explore the creation of a Boys 2 Men Chapter in Evansville. In August 2010, we held our first session here in Evansville. Under the guidance provided by the Indy Chapter and being supported by the use of Impact Ministries, we started our meetings on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. We provide guidance and positive reinforcement to our Cadets to help them make wise decisions for their personal life.

Boys 2 Men serves young boys ranging from the 5th grade to 12th grade. Boys 2 Men meets two Friday evenings a month throughout the public school year. This ministry provides tours and meetings with community workers and leaders to provide our impressionable young male members (Cadets) with hands on experiences that could influence and shape the outlook of their futures.

Our Cadets are expected to bring in two “Passports” per meeting. These passports are evidence of their weekly performance at school and at home, whether it be academic achievements, a positive attitude, and conduct. These passports are signed by teachers, counselors, and parents to ensure everyone is working collectively to enhance and assist a Cadet in the area(s) of need.

Our Mentors are mature Christian believers who sacrifice their time, talent, and expertise. Each have a certain area in mentoring that comes along side of our pastor’s efforts to make an attempt to change the lives of our cadets.