Expungement Program


Throughout the Bible, Jesus taught his followers to forgive others who have wronged them so that they can experience God's grace themselves. Compassion was another hallmark of Jesus' ministry. He demonstrated empathy towards those who were suffering both physically and emotionally. Today, the world is no different.
Matthew 22:39 teaches us the importance of loving our neighbor and should strengthen our walk toward the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some may ask, “how do I do this in my Christian walk?” Several years ago, Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church experienced an ‘ah ha’ moment and asked themselves that same question. Thus, leadership at NMBC began to have conversations about how NMBC could impact the lives of members who needed a bridge to a life-changing experience…EXPUNGEMENT.
Expungement falls in line with the Church’s mission of connecting people to Christ, Church, Calling, and Community.
We, at Nazarene, understand expungement is not the only remedy worth pursuing; however, the effect of expungement on the lives of individuals, families, and communities is very important. The result of expungement not only improves the lives of our brothers and sisters, but we also have the opportunity and responsibility to improve the laws and policies and expand opportunities in our community.
There are two ways to apply for the Expungement Program:

Download PDF Application
The application must be filled out in it’s entirety. Then email it to expungement@nazarenembc.org


Completed applications can be mailed to:
Attn: Expungement Program
Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church
867 E Walnut Street
Evansville, IN 47713


Inquiries can be submitted to:
1. expungement@nazarenembc.org
2. Text or leave a message at 812-893-8621