Christian Ed / Bible Study

Christian Education/ Bible Study

Our Christian Education ministry is the pathway to help lead people to Christ. Through our precept courses, bible study and Sunday school classes, we have the ability to touch lives and make Christ accessible to multiple generations.

We offer Sunday School classes for all ages every week. Sunday School is held between the two worship services at 9:30 am to 10:30 am.



Sunday Christian Education Classes

  • Rock of Ages – Senior Adults
  • Ambassador I – Adults
  • Ambassador II – Adults
  • High School – 9th – 12th
  • Young Adult Class – Ages 18-30
  • Grade 7th & 8th
  • Grade 5th & 6th
  • Grade 3rd & 4th
  • Grade 1st & 2nd
  • Preschool – 4 yrs. old and under




Bible Studies

Precepts Upon Precepts – Revelation Part 1: Jesus’s Message to the Church
Date: September 4, 2019 @ 9:00am – 10 Lessons (Chapters 1-3)
John’s record contains God’s message to the seven churches of Asia and though it was recorded long ago, it still speaks to the church today.
Wednesdays @ 9:00am Women of the Word Bible Study in Room 112
Wednesdays @ 12:00pm Coed(Men & Women) in Room 112
Instructor Sister Trudy Rascoe
Isaiah Part 1 – Precept Upon Precept Inductive Studies
Date: September 11, 2019 – 14 Lessons – $31.50
Isaiah is the crown jewel of Old Testament prophets as a book that strikes awe in the heart of the reader.  In this class we will learn how He deals with those who claim Him as God but fail to honor Him as God in the way that they live, the destiny of nations…even the future of mankind.
Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM – Adult Bible Study in Room 112
Instructor Sister Trudy Rascoe
Pastor’s Studies
An interactive way for students to learn the Bible through life inspirations.
Tuesdays @ 6:00pm Men’s Bible Study in Room 125
Wednesdays @ 11:00am Coed (Men/Women) in Room 111
Wednesdays @ 6:00pm Coed (Men/Women) in Rm 125
Instructor: Rev. Larry Rascoe, Sr.
Children’s Bible Study – The Gospel of John Part 2: Jesus’s Awesome Power, Awesome Love
John Chapters 11-16 – Workbook cost: $11.99
In this Bible Study, you’ll pretend to be a film director who makes a movie about Jesus’s life, the first ten chapters of John’s book
Wednesdays @ 6:00pm 7-week Study Ages 8 & up (need to be able to read and write)