Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

The WE Ministry is designed to meet the needs of multiple generations of women by a commitment to teaching God’s Word and living out the Titus 2 principle which instructs older women to encourage younger women so that the word of God will not be dishonored.

Every woman has a God-given gift that is essential to the body of Christ. WE Ministry’s desire is to challenge and equip each woman to find her gift and place in God’s body and to find the beauty that is hers alone.

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  • Senior Mission
    • To serve the needs of our church and community.
    • To embrace the spirit, mind, teachings, and principles of Christ in our endeavor to promote Christian Education.
    • To minister to needs and promote spiritual growth for the women of our church, our community, and the sick and shut-in.
    • To dedicate our talents and give of our time, influence, and means to teaching and spreading Christian Education at home and abroad.
    • To support Home Missions and Foreign Missions.
    • To be Christ-like in our work in order to become voices of change for God.
    • Enlist women to serve in the Body of Christ.
    • Promote a ministry of caring and sharing.
    • Expand awareness of Home and Foreign Missions.
    • Promote spiritual growth and personal development.
    • The Senior Mission meets each second Friday of the month, 12 noon, at the church.
  • Mother’s Board

    The Mother’s Board is a group within the Church that was composed of older women of good character, wisdom, and who love the Church. The women are chosen by the Pastor and Congregation as examples of Holy living in the family as well as in the church.

    “That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their
    husbands, to love their children.”
    Titus 2:3-5

    Today’s purpose is the same as it was in the past: To promote the cause of CHRIST and to teacher the younger women of the church according to Titus 2:3-5 under the leadership of this congregation.

    Pass on words of wisdom to our young people
    Be advisors to our sons and daughters
    Assist with the preparation and clean up for communion
    Assist with the preparation of candidates for baptism
    Visit sick and shut-in

  • Circle of Faith

    The Circle of Faith are women bound together in love to our Savior to work for His kingdom. We believe in Christ’s last command to His disciples, “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15).”


    • To stimulate a mission spirit through prayer.
    • To increase knowledge of the bible.
    • To study missions.
    • To organize personal service for the needy of our church and community.
    • o assist other church ministries.

    Any woman over the age of eighteen and a member of Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church is eligible for membership.

  • Nurse’s Guild


    The Nurses Guild Ministry focuses on meeting the needs of our Pastor, First Lady, Pulpit Staff, and the congregation by giving first aide and attending to the sick. We strive to promote well-being and comfort through serving others as needed.

  • WOW – Women of the Word Bible Study

    Bible study on Wednesday Mornings at 9:00 a.m.

  • Sista 2 Sista – Mentors

    Is designed to mentor young girls ages 12-18, (6th – 12th grade), and to build success through higher education, positive relationship building, role modeling and various areas of expressed need.

    To empower teen girls by teaching and modeling the importance of higher education. Positive self esteem, integrity and social etiquette through mentoring based on a spiritual and holistic approach.

    To inspire and plant seeds of success within our churches and community in our teen girls.